What is Mu Delta Alpha?

Mu Delta Alpha is a professional non-profit sorority. It has chapters at the University of Texas, the University of Texas at Dallas and the University of North Texas.
MDA and all members aim to achieve professionalism, respect and success and bring the same goal into reach for the community members it's intends to serve.

Is Mu Delta Alpha a sorority or a 501c nonprofit?

Both! Mu Delta Alpha started as a sorority and then acquired a 501c non-profit tax filing.

Is my donation to Mu Delta Alpha tax deductible?

Yes! Mu Delta Alpha is a registered 501c. All donations are tax-deductible. If you would like documentation of your donation, please click here.

Do I have to be Muslim to join?

Not at all! While Mu Delta Alpha was founded by Muslims, we serve the entire community and with a special place for the women who wish to shatter glass ceilings. Anyone with the same mission in mind can join and support us!

How do I add an event onto the Mu Delta Alpha Event Calendar?

All event submissions should be submitted [here][2]. [2]: /event-submission-form Once approved, all submissions will be shared on the Mu Delta Alpha social media pages. Under rare circumstanced, your event may be declined. You will receive an email with details as to why your event was declined. The most common issue is missing information. You are always welcome to resubmit your event with updates.

How do I submit an article to The MΔA Muse/Mu Delta Alpha Newsletter?

We're thrilled you wish to contribute! Please fill out this form and we will get back to your shortly.

I am holding an event and want Mu Delta Alpha to join in it's endeavors. What is the best way to contact you?

Fill out this Contact Form and we will get back with you shortly!