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Our History

A Journey Through Time

At Mu Delta Alpha Sorority, Inc., we pride ourselves on a rich history of growth, resilience, and unwavering commitment to our mission. From our humble beginnings at the University of Texas at Dallas to becoming a nationally recognized sisterhood, each milestone in our journey underscores our dedication to empowering Muslim women. Here’s a look at the pivotal moments that have shaped us.

The Early Days: Foundation and Formation

February 17, 2014: Founded at the University of Texas at Dallas by Samira Maddox, Dana Kamal, Palwasha Rehmani, and Fatima Ahmed as Muslimahs For Change Sorority, fostering a sisterhood for Muslim women.

Expansion and Incorporation

  • June 11, 2016: Transitioned to Mu Delta Alpha Sorority, Inc., officially establishing the Alpha chapter and embracing Greek letters.

  • 2017: Incorporated in Texas; Beta and Gamma Chapters launched at the University of Texas at Austin and University of North Texas, marking the start of national expansion.

Philanthropy and Beyond

  • 2018: Launched Sakina Home for Girls, focusing on providing shelter and support to orphan girls as a key philanthropy project.

  • 2019: Delta Chapter established at Wichita State University, becoming the first chapter outside of Texas and expanding the sorority's national footprint.

Overcoming Challenges

  • 2020: Epsilon Chapter founded at the University of Toledo, showcasing resilience and growth amid the challenges of COVID-19

Overcoming Challenges

  • 2023: Kappa Chapter established at The Ohio State University; Sakina Home for Girls evolved into the Muslimahs for Change Foundation, becoming the sorority's national philanthropy; hosted the Inaugural National Convention

Continued Growth

  • 2021: Expanded to New York with the establishment of the Eta Chapter at New York University, continuing the sorority's growth.

    2022: Theta Chapter formed at the University of Maryland, and the first Alumni Induction Ceremony took place, celebrating dedication within the sisterhood

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Our Promise for The Future

Looking to the future, Mu Delta Alpha Sorority, Inc. promises to continue its mission with even greater zeal. We are committed to expanding our reach, enhancing our programs, and enriching the experiences of our members. Our history is a testament to what we can achieve together, and it is with this collective strength and dedication that we move forward.


Mu Delta Alpha Sorority, Inc. - where our history is not just remembered, but lived and built upon, day by day, sister by sister. Join us as we continue to empower, lead, and inspire.

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