Changing Lives

Iman is our identity
Ihsan is our Legacy

Chapters & Colonies


Our Progams

Mu Delta Alpha has  variety of programs for members including an annual summer leadership retreat, professional and social networking opportunities, and professional development. In addition, we offer community mentors programs.

About Mu Delta Alpha

Mu Delta Alpha is the first Professional Muslim Sorority in the US and the first Muslim Sorority in Texas. It was established in 2014 at the University of Dallas at Texas. It was founded by Samira Maddox with a group of friends who saw the need of having representation at the university level for driven and talented women like them who desired to instigate change and build sisterhood.


Our Events


Mu Delta Alpha hosts events throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Our Annual Mu Delta Alpha Summit features some of the most well-known and prestigious  leaders nationwide. 


Mu Delta Alpha is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, operating under 47-2751171 Established 2014 at the University of Texas at Dallas.


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