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About Mu Delta Alpha

Mu Delta Alpha is the first Professional Muslim Sorority in the US and the first Muslim Sorority in Texas. It was established in 2014 at the University of Dallas at Texas. It was founded by Samira Maddox with a group of friends who saw the need of having representation at the university level for driven and talented women like themselves who desired to instigate change and build a sisterhood.

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Our Founding Mothers are women who started chapters all across the country — and took the biggest risk to initiate a home for their fellow sisters. 



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Samira Maddox, Founder Mu Delta Alpha

When you are not given a seat at the table, you have to bring your own seat and table to the space. It has been an honor of lifetime to have created a legacy for Muslim women and girls to have representation.

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Maryam Niazi, Secretary Beta Chapter

Not to be dramatic but MDA is probably the best org on Campus.Throughout the years I've been able to build meaningful friendships with some of the most amazing girls who continue to inspire me and help me grow into the best version of myself.Rush MDA and join the sisterhood!

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Ushna Ahmed, President Beta Chapter

"MDA is so special to me.I was the part of the founding class 2 years ago and ah at how far we have come.MDA is full of driven women and there is so much love and support that fills this organization.This organization is somethign I'will keep with me even after graduating bc of those bonds i have build here.


Change Maker of the Month

Who:  A woman who supports MDA with donations, sponsorships and goes above and beyond.

Why :  We want to recognize women who support our mission and helps us make our organization better.


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