Our Mission

The sisters of Mu Delta Alpha strive to serve our communities while promoting professionalism, civic engagement and lifelong friendships with the members of the communities we serve.


Mu Delta Alpha, also known as Muslimahs for Change, is a 501c non-profit and the first collegiate Muslim sorority in the United States.  Our organization couples 21st-century women, hailing from various walks of life, to be both ambassadors of our faith and agents of change in the professional world. To achieve our goals, we hold a variety of events throughout the year and attend events that align with our goals and values.



Our Core Values

  • Professionalism

  • Respect

  • Success


Mu Delta Alpha strives for three core values in all if it's endeavors.

Professionalism means conducting oneself with integrity, responsibility, accountability, and excellence.

Respect applies to all human beings regardless of race, religion, national origin, and gender.

Success is the ultimate goal and MDA strives to bring success to all members of the community, especially the many young girls looking to make their marks and shatter glass ceilings.

MDA members vow to uphold these core values in their every day lives in accordance to the Mu Delta Alpha Constitution.

Our Work

With our core values, mission and goals in mind, Mu Delta Alpha provide the following services and events to our community:

  • Annual Summer Leadership Retreat Program

  • Professional and social networking opportunities.

  • Professional Speaker Series: Learn from the professionals and aim to succeed.

  • Support young girls fighting discrimination & prejudices.

  • Annual Young Muslimah Summit, aimed at girls from ages 9 to 21.



Our History

Inspired to achieve professional and defeat the stereotypes and prejudices faced by Muslim, Samira Maddox and her friends came together to form Mu Delta Alpha in 2014 at the University of  Texas at Dallas as “Muslimahs for Change”. At the time, these founders wanted to support the young Muslim girls who's potential was being suppressed by the foreign cultures brought by immigrant parents and American Stereotypes. Over time, as the organization gained attention, the purpose behind the organization expanded. Today, Mu Delta Alpha stands to support all women, regardless of race or religion, and raises it's hands high so all women can break the glass ceiling with their own two hands and reach their ultimate goals.

 In the Fall of 2016, MDA established its Alpha Chapter at the University of Texas at Dallas with it's first pledge class.

 In the Fall of 2017, as we expanded to our Beta Chapter at the University of Texas at Austin and  Gamma Chapter at the University of North Texas.