Art Contest

Art is essential to life. Whether crafted by man or nature, every piece has an impact. Make your impact at the MDA Art Contest.

2018 Theme:

Unleashed Potential


The MDA Art Contest will take place at the Young Muslimah Summit 2018. Please turn in your submissions at the event before 10AM. Submissions turned in afterwards will miss their chance in being judged.

Once judging has been completed, all artworks will be put on display in the art hall with your name and division number.


Winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners will receive a winners ribbon.
Additional prizes are to be announced.


Registration Closes March 16, 2018.


Art Contest Flier


  • Black & White
  • Color

Each category have the following three divisions:

  • Division 1: 9-12 years
  • Division 2: 13-17 years
  • Division 3: 18-21 years

Submission Requirements

  • Any size permitted.
  • Any number of media may be used *
  • Art must be submitted by 10am on event day
  • Please do not write your name on your piece. Judging will be anonymous.

* Digital media has been used as long as it is the artist's own work.

Digital Requirements

If submitting a digital piece, please follow the additional requirements:

  • Submit a printed version of your artwork for display.
  • Submit a digital file in one of the following formats: JPG, JPEG,  PNG, TIFF or TARGA
  • Submit a digital, watermarked file so your artwork can be displayed on social media.
  • Submit your digital source file, with uncompressed layers, in one of the following formats: .PSD, .AI, .SAI, or .SVG.


If your source file is not available in any of the listed formats, please contact us with the needed software so that we can make arrangements for judging. Not doing so may result in forfeit of the competition. We recommend bringing a laptop with the needed software, just in case.

Your source file will be secure and protected in the possession of Mu Delta Alpha.
Your source file will be opened once when we receive your submission to assure it is readable and once by the judges on the day of the event.
Your source file will be destroyed permanently after March 17, 2018.