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Delta-Wichita State University, est. 2019

The Delta Chapter was founded in Fall 2019 at Wichita State University by Saniya Ahmed (President), 

Ida Barakeh (Vice President), Lujain Alzidlani (Treasurer), Patoul Halimeh (Event Coordinator),

 Rija Khan (Secretary), Marwa Jesri and Arfa Haque.

Current President: Saniya Ahmed



They host fundraisers, philanthropic events, professional workshops, speaker series, and bonding activities and events! They are members of the Multicultural Greek Council at Wichita State University. They are emblems of change on their campus and are greatly supported by their community!


Our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook handles are: @wichitamda 



Current Sisters:  Saniya Ahmed, Ida Barakeh, Lujain Alzidlani, Patoul Halimeh, Rija Khan, Marwa Jesri, and Arfa Haque. 

Mu Delta Alpha is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, operating under 47-2751171 Established 2014 at the University of Texas at Dallas.

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