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 Chapter Excellence Program

Achieving Excellence Together
Setting the Bar for Sisterhood, Service, and Professionalism.

Our Commitment

The Chapter Excellence Program is the cornerstone of Mu Delta Alpha Sorority, Inc., ensuring that each chapter not only upholds but excels in embodying our four foundational pillars: Islam, Servicehood, Sisterhood, and Professionalism. 

We’re not just setting standards; we’re inspiring chapters to surpass them.

Guidelines for Greatness

Through the Chapter Excellence Program, we provide a framework that encourages each chapter to design and implement programming that reflects our core values. From service projects that touch the heart of our communities to events that foster spiritual growth, sisterhood bonding, and professional development, we’re crafting the future of our sisterhood.


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Raising the Bar

Excellence is not a destination; it’s a journey. Our program sets clear goals and benchmarks for chapters to strive for and surpass, ensuring that we continue to lead with integrity, compassion, and ambition.


Our Program

Our Chapter Excellence Program stands at the forefront of fostering a nurturing environment that embodies the essence of Mu Delta Alpha Sorority, Inc. Here's why you should consider enrolling:

  • Customized Framework for Success: Tailored guidance to help chapters thrive in Islam, Servicehood, Sisterhood, and Professionalism.


  • Community Impact Projects: Opportunities to engage in meaningful service projects that benefit both local and broader communities.


  • Professional and Personal Growth: Workshops and events designed to enhance professional skills and personal development.


  • Inclusive Sisterhood: A welcoming community that values diversity, inclusion, and the strength of bonds formed through shared experiences.


  • Recognition and Rewards: Chapters that exemplify outstanding achievement in our core areas are celebrated and acknowledged.


  • Continuous Support and Resources: Access to a wealth of resources and continuous support from the sorority network to help chapters meet and exceed their goals.


Join Our Search for Excellence

Whether you’re a current member looking to elevate your chapter’s impact or a community partner eager to support our mission, the Chapter Excellence Program is where our collective efforts converge to create lasting change.

  • Do I need to be a member of the sisterhood to participate
    No, the Fall Week of Service is open to anyone who wants to contribute to their community and learn more about our cause.
  • Can I participate in more than one activity?
    Absolutely! We encourage participants to engage in as many activities as they’re interested in and able to commit to.
  • What if I have no prior volunteering experience?
    No worries! The Fall Week of Service is a perfect opportunity to start. We provide all the necessary training and support.
  • How many days is the program held for?
    The Fall Week of Service is a 3 day program.
  • How can I stay updated on event details?
    For the latest updates, please reach out at or follow us on our social media channels.
  • Do I need to be a member of Mu Delta Alpha Sorority to join?
    No, our program is open to all women looking to advance their careers.
  • What if I miss a workshop?
    All sessions are recorded and available for participants to access at their convenience.
  • How can this program help me if I'm looking to change careers?
    Our workshops are designed to provide valuable skills and networking opportunities that are beneficial across all industries and career stages.
  • Can I get a certificate for completing the program?
    Yes, participants who attend all workshops over a 12-month period will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Contact Us

For more information on the Chapter Excellence Program or to get involved, reach out at or follow our journey on social media

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